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How to Create Web Pages That Attract Readership

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Do you want your website to reach as many readers as possible, but aren’t digitally savvy? Millions of online sites fail to garner interest; they get few page views because they don’t entice potential clients. If you are trying to attract readership, you need to understand how to create visually friendly, captivating web pages. The following tips explain how.

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Create crisp digital pages

Plenty of fresh, easy-to-read landing pages and blogs exist on the internet, and you need yours to be among them if you want to stand a chance of gaining readership. Your website should be crisp and inviting rather than a minefield of hard to navigate data.

When designing your web pages, ensure you create lots of white space. White space is easy on the eye and, strategically located, looks more sophisticated than pages stuffed to the brim. Give content pride of place, in the middle of pages, and leave space either side. Also, use a simple black font, and double space paragraphs to streamline the appearance of articles.

Remember readers expect to grasp the meaning of information fast online, so help them get what they want. Avoid tiny font sizes that strain viewer’s eyes, and make headings and subheadings bold. Plus, using bullet points will provide clarity. If the essence of data is instantly recognizable, people are likely to stay on pages instead of leaving your website pronto.


Design an optimal home page

As the window to your brand, your homepage needs to captivate readers. They will use the page to click through to your other web pages, but they must be able to look at it and understand what your website is about first.

Your home page needs to introduce readers to the purpose of your website. Are you selling a product? Or you might hope to inform people about a topic or encourage potential customers to hire you. Then again, perhaps you are designing a blog and want to generate income from affiliate marketing and advertisements.

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Make what your website offers clear and concise using a headline and short description in the top half of the page. Let readers know how you can help them. For instance, will your product improve their lives in some way? Will the articles you publish teach people a skill? Viewers need to recognize the benefits of exploring your website.

Additionally, the home page needs to engage readers, so they don’t hop to someone else’s website before they’ve viewed yours. Readers are visual, so use a picture or two, but be mindful not to add clutter. Alternatively, include a video introducing you and your brand.

Landing pages

If you’re selling a product, you’ll need landing pages, also known as squeeze pages. Landing pages convert viewers into customers and are clicked on via advertisements. The advertisements might be anything from links in search engines to banner ads. They usually contain a call to action. For example, you might want readers to sign up for a newsletter, a freebie, a service, or to buy produce.

Make it clear what readers will receive when asking them to sign up for something, so they don’t get confused. Also, include contact details, your logo, and a map on landing pages if you want customers to visit your business.

The best landing pages are polished and get straight to the point. Refrain from including unnecessary content, and choose a color that reflects your brand in your design. You can check out color psychology articles, but basically, dark blue is an optimal color choice since it inspires and reflects loyalty. Both men and women of most ages like it too. Green is also well-liked, brown, and beige less so.

Landing page builders like Instapage, Unbounce, and Landing Page Monkey make creating your squeeze pages stress-free. Free templates can also be found online, and the web design and development prototypes from Photoshop mockup to HTML file, you can use some professional online service that saves your time.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a digital expert; your expertise will grow along with your website. Follow the tips provided, and your web pages will attract plenty of readers and convert them into customers.

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