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School Pro

Administrate classes, students calendar, teachers, events, news and students parents accounts.
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Estimated time for development: 4 weeks
  • CMS: Contend Management System
  • Students, parents and teachers database
  • Parents private access:
  1. check student daily homework
  2. check student qualifications
  3. check student daily classes
  4. results from exams
  5. school announcements: list of books to buy, excursions, etc ( this will also generates an alert by email)
  • Teach private access:
  1. login from tablets, ipad (HTML5 application)
  2. post homeworks
  3. post special note for parents
  4. one click student daily result: Very good, Need to improve, very bad, etc (visible on the parents access private for each student)
  5. upload exams qualifications
  • Direction private access:
  1. post announcements (integrated with Facebook and Twitter public posts)
  2. newsletter system
  3. create teacher and students accounts
  4. create access for parents
  5. activity logs: record information from parents, notes, meetings, etc
  • Contact form
  • Multiple languages
  • Unlimited web sections
  • Newsletters
  • Automatic Image resizing
  • Codes optimized for search engines
  • Very easy to edit web pages
  • Full web design
  • Logo design (optional)
  • Hosting included with subscription
  • Emails accounts
  • 1 Year FREE subscription. Second year 50€/month
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