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Websites of the Week: Don?t Stop the Music

If you’ve been following this blog lately you would have noticed multiple posts dedicated to music. (Cliche alert) That’s because I believe that life would have no meaning if there weren’t any music.

As Friedrich Nietzsche puts it, ?Without music, life would be a mistake?

But seriously, most people I know (designers) often work with some form of background music or ambient sound. I’ve had close friends admit to me that they are more productive, and that the background buzz increases their concentration. And as research would have it, your creative juices will in fact, start flowing once you set the noise level to moderate.

So today in our weekly roundup of websites, I’ve discovered a handful of premium inspiration and creative websites that focuses on music. So have a look, make your own tunes or listen to some, either way, don’t stop the music!

Super Looper by Univers Labs


SUPER-LOOPER is a cool and fun music making app. Shaped by the sounds of the ?80s, SUPER-LOOPER brings retro electronic music composition to the desktop and iPad. Users can record short loops with each of the eight layers, and combine them to produce seamless looping tracks.

Sound City Project


From NYC to San Francisco or Stockholm, take a closer listen to the sounds of cities around the world in this immersive, 3D soundscape experience.

VOX | Music Player for Mac


An all-in-one music player with a content-driven design reflecting the Future of Music. Supports all popular audio formats like MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV & more!

Patatap By Jono Brandel


Like Google, I always qualify a good website by the amount of time I spend on it. Well in this case I had all 12 people whom I work with crowding around my laptop checking this site out for almost 10 minutes. Some even found out what the url is so they can go back to their desk to test it out for themselves. That says a lot.

Pablo The Flamingo


Listen to some beats, then sponsor a flamingo! These beautiful, long-legged birds live in large flocks that can include thousands. Their unique bills help them feed by plunging their heads into the water upside-down and filtering the water for shrimp, which in turn gives the flamingo its bright pink color.



If you prefer ambient sounds to pumped up techno or electro while working, check this site out. Aside from sounds, it has a beautiful word processor for notes.

Designers MX


DesignersMX combines the passion for music with the passion for design. Designers mix finely-curated playlists with music that moves, and cover art that?s beautifully designed.