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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing For Dummies

There’s no question that social media can mean the difference in the success of your marketing campaign. The ability to target potential and existing customers directly and tailor content to their needs is helping businesses in every market to grow. 

And social media has no signs of slowing down. Twitter alone added 9 million users in the first quarter of 2017.

Social media marketing for dummies means capturing this audience as simply and effectively as possible. 

Here’s how:

Content Is King 

Savvy social media marketing for dummies students know that content is always king on the internet. 

You can use YouTube to craft videos, share your blog content on Facebook, or create expert pieces on LinkedIn. 

The important thing is to be an expert in your field and create content your audience needs and responds to. 

Social Media Marketing For Dummies: Get Them To Do The Work 

If you are creating posts on a consistent basis that are interesting to your followers you are already far ahead of the competition. But if you work with influencers they can spread the word for you. 

A great example is Instagram influencers marketing. If you create shareable, interesting content, and work with the influencers in your industry, the results can be exponentially better.

Get Visual 

One of the reasons platforms like Instagram have grown so fast is that we live in a visual society. If you’ve heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” you know how important images are. 

Social media marketing for dummies means putting on your personal design hat from time to time. You want images that catch your audience’s eye.

Make it your goal to pair your posts on all social media with great imagery and watch your shares, likes, and followers grow. 

Target Your Audience

When you hear the phrase “social media” you may automatically think of a certain platform. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms but it isn’t always the best. 

Small business owners and entrepreneurs need to be selective in how they spend their money and their marketing efforts. This means being as focused as possible on the platforms you want to be involved with.

Stake Your Claim

By all means, you still need to register your business with every social media site. Just because you are targeting a few platforms at first doesn’t mean you should let competitors use your name or claim your brand on other platforms.  

Make sure your location, contact information, and up to date information are available on all social media platforms. The worst mistake is spending marketing dollars and resources attracting new customers if they can’t find your services. 

Don’t Go It Alone 

Making the most of social media for dummies requires staying up to date on the latest trends. The best marketers know to only focus on what works.

If you plan on spending advertising dollars make sure you know the spend will pay off big. If you’re wondering which social media marketing platforms you should be advertising on we can help. 

Check out this list of 3+ social media marketing platforms you should be advertising on. 

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