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The 10 Best Examples of Video Landing Pages

Designing a site?s landing page can be tricky. After all, this is your site?s first impression to the visitor ? and you know what they say about first impressions. Since a user?s attention span is ever shrinking, the landing page must do its job and not only grab a user?s attention, but it must also engage at the same time. A new wave of landing pages are washing ashore of late, and I?m sure you?ll agree that we?re seeing a lot more sites incorporating a full screen video. Be it an introduction or just a moving background with copy or a form, there is no doubt that more designers are adopting the fact that videos are shared 10x more than images. Today, I?ll be sharing 10 examples of some companies who are already using video for their landing pages to further engage visitors. From the looks of things, video is here to stay. On Media Marketing daily inspiration- onmediamarketing Pixelate me The Girl and the Bull daily inspiration thegirlandthebull Horns up! Canary daily inspiration Canary - Wireless security system for apartments and homes - http___canary.is_ Protect yoself 4Rivers Smokehouse daily inspiration 4 Rivers Smokehouse I The Art of Smoking - https___4rsmokehouse.com_ Get Smoked! Super Duper daily inspiration superduper - http___superduper.dk_ Meet super Blue Cadet daily inspiration Bluecadet I Inspired <a href=Design for the Digital Age - http___bluecadet.com_" width="720" height="364" /> See the future Kaber daily inspiration Kaber Technologies I Product Innovation, Technology Lice_ - http___kabertech.com_ Hammer on mushrooms Socialrise daily inspiration Socialrise - http___www.socialrise.de_ Make things together Union daily inspiration Digital Marketing Agency   Charlotte  NC   UNION Get digitized The Witness daily inspiration The Witnesses View the mystery

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