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Onsite SEO - Chapter 5 - Domain key

Get a domain name with your main keyword phrase. This is a very good way to promote your keywords and speed up your SEO.
Putting your keyword phrase in your domain name is a great way to optimize that phrase.

For example if your website has 2 languages, english and spanish. Keep your current domain for your main language and buy a domain key for the secondary language.

A good example you can find in our site. By clicking on the english flag you will get but if you click on the spanish flag it will lead to www.diseñ .

The domain termination .com, .net, has really no importance anymore. Google changed on the last years many of these points  including your hosting locations. 
You do not need to contract a host in Spain to promote your site in You can now define your domain country location using your Google Webmaster tools which will set your website location.

More tricks for seo soon...