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Onsite SEO - Chapter 4 - Blacklisted Sites

Banned from Google?

You did everything legal: Even following all the rules you site was banned from Google or got kicked to results 100+.
The reason is very simple. You are linking to a Blacklisted website or the most common name "Black Hat Sites". 

Definition of Black Hat Sites:

A black hat site, is a website that did all the opposite above and is totally banned from Google. If you have in your website a link to their site, Google will think you belong to their network and will also penalize you.

That goes back to Chapter 2: Never, Never add external links to your site.
It's an inecessary risk and if you're investing money in SEO you most likely will lose your money...

Our advice is only keep a link if you know who you're linking to and make sure you get a link back. It's very important that the site you're linking to is relevant to yours so it will be more impact in your ranking results.

More advices soon...