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Onsite SEO - Chapter 2 - Content

Content is the most important point to have in mind in your optimization. If your website has unique and quality content it will rank better than your competitors...

Never copy text from other website!

Even if is a small sentence or phrase, Google will find out and ignore your site.
You have to write your own content and make sure you repeat naturally, without forcing, some of your keywords.

For example, you want to promote the word "Vets Marbella" in one section of your website. Make sure this section talks about your services of Vet in Marbella. 
Use bold, italic and underline on the word Vets and Marbella. That will give importance to the words. You can also create sub links to other of your web sections which uses similar keywords.
Don't spam!! Each line must be natural and make sense for reading...

External Links

Never, never add external links to your website unless is necessary.
An easy way to understand how Google works is that once you start your SEO you make some points from Google.
If you link to other website you give away some of your points to that site, lowering your ranking.

A good practise to use if you must add a link in your site but don't want to lose your points is to add rel="nofollow" tag inside your link source.
That will tell the search engines to ignore that link. Some search engines like Yahoo still will follow, but our main Goal is to be sucesfull in Google...

Other option is, if you link to other site, ask them to link you back.

We will talk about link relevancy in other chapter...