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Featured Work: Live Wild with HuskyFox Brand Identity

Today’s featured work comes from a branding company based in Seoul called HuskyFox. They create branding for clients and today, they’ve given us their beliefs of what their own brand means. The name HuskyFox is a compound name of ‘Siberian husky’ and ‘Fox’ which stands for the two founders’ nicknames.?Each of their?members also have their own nicknames of wild?animals. In turn, they?maintain their?responsibilities with the activeness and sharpness in?its free atmosphere. Their?brand represents a sharp shape and red color?reflecting lively wildness. logo Building relationships between brands and users via?brand languages and visual elements, HuskyFox delivers?solutions, sustain experiences with high values. husk 91004c30933127.5639fb68aef75 ff448330933127.5639fb68b2c2e husky For more of HuskyFox’s brand identify, head over to their Behance portfolio.