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Featured Work: Knitterkopf by Jan Ploch

Today’s featured work comes from Jan Ploch, a designer and illustrator from Germany. The project ‘Knitterkopf’ is a series of portraits that are drawn to resemble crumpled paper.

Knitterkopf, which translates roughly to ‘crease-head’, is a series of graphite drawings and portraits where the figures are distorted in such a way that the faces look like they have been crumpled up like a ball of paper. Perhaps most distinguishing is the eyes- though distorted, they are still strong and hold a sense of both invitation and despair.

It’s hard to pull your eyes away from these enigmatic portraits. Though very abstracted, the viewer is challenged to reconstruct the portraits in their mind and discover the emotion within each piece. To see this project and more?inspiration from Ploch, check out the artist’s Behance site below!

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