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Featured Designer: User Interface Web Guru Dany Duchaine

Today?s featured designer is Dany Duchaine. An up and coming user interface?designer, he?continuously churns out lovely, customizable themes.

People, businesses, and organizations are using the web?to connect, be it with customers or fellow enthusiasts, and to share the ups and downs of their personal or commercial journeys. However, not everyone is a web design and programming whiz.

Even with a platform as user-friendly as WordPress, creating a professional site still remains challenging. That?s where Dany Duchaine comes in.

Dany obviously has a flair for?crafting clean and engaging?themes that are attractive and?more importantly, easily customizable. Virtually all the elements of his themes can be personalized, all with a single click.

Ready to see those awesome WordPress themes? Then head over to Dany?s Dribble.

Featured Designer: User Interface <a href=Web Guru Dany Duchaine" width="800" height="600" />

Featured Designer: User Interface <a href=Web Guru Dany Duchaine 2" width="800" height="600" />