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Featured Designer: Alberto Revuelta ? Unleashing Fantasy

Today’s featured designer is freelance illustrator and visual artist Alberto Revuelta of Mexico City. For anyone who digs fantasy art as much as we do, read on.

Growing up on a steady consumption of?comics,?cartoons, posters, and fantasy art by Boris Vallejo?during the 90s, it was only natural?for us to fall crazy in love with?Alberto’s work. His style borders street art and surrealism, resulting in a myriad of colors, playfulness, form and cultural exhibits of Mexicania.

Alberto’s art is also exploratory and experimental,?with?each piece defined in?detail with?intricate strokes. As illustrators, we love that.

The pieces below are just some of our favorites, to see more of Alberto’s work, head over to his portfolio on?Tumblr.

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