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Daily Freebie: Worn, Faded Floral Pattern Textures

Today’s daily freebie is a cool resource from This site has everything you need, but I decided to feature floral patterns today since a lot of people are requesting for it. The ones featured here today are made from old parchment paper and images?of flowers. Phil, who runs the site has basically combined them together and created the effect that he wanted – which is a nice grungy and brown vintage tone. All images are free to download but requires credit back to the site as these are all under the creative commons attribution licence. Download link after the jump!

old yellow and brown parchment paper.jpg  3737?5000 an-old-and-worn-parchment-paper-406x494

faded-floral-old-paper-with-torn-and-ripped-edges-502x371 old-paper-with-butterflies-494x372 floral old paper or parchment.jpg  3850?3002

old and worn parchment paper

floral pattern download