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Daily Freebie: Stylish 3D Isometric Mockup Template

Today?s daily freebie comes from Blugraphic?a massive resource site, where you can get intricate templates, icons, textures, UI elements, and more.

This gorgeous mock up transforms your flat map to a more stylish, isometric 3D version with a single click. Just?download the necessary actions, styles, and patterns and you can easily create an elaborate concept art for your games or graphics.

The current version includes three styles (Sand, Snow, and Grass), six buildings, seven trees, eight environmental elements (a sun, three cloud formations, two land textures, and two bodies of water), and a few other extras, mostly pins and signboards.

Notes that this version of the Mapita mockup isn?t final. More map styles, buildings, and other elements will be added every week, so check out their site regularly to get the latest updates. Link after the jump!

Stylish 3D Isometric Mockup Template

3D map