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Daily Freebie: Assorted Doodles Pack (EPS) by Eduardo Recife

Today’s daily freebie comes from the desk of Eduardo Recife of Brazil. As an illustrator who doodles at leisure, Eduardo’s giving away some of his goodies on?his website Misprinted Type.

This EPS pack comes with a bunch of neat graphics as you can see. I really like finding these kind of goodies to share since it’s a little different from the usual font, icon, UI or even template freebies I so often post on this blog.

These graphics remind me of why I got into design in the first place, just like Eddy, it’s the best way to communicate things which words can’t describe – it’s therapy, it’s a hobby, it’s a job, it’s what makes me happy.

Eduardo’s got an awesome style as well so make sure to check out his website for more freebies, or head over to his Facebook?and say hi. Download link for the pack after the jump!

daily freebie misprints

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