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Create Your Own Royalty-free Flat Icons with

We live in a flat world, well, at least it is in the virtual world. Ever since Apple began introducing the flat design, scores of designers took to the trend and ran wild with it. It may not be that hard, in fact, flat is easier to accomplish. For the most part, there are no more gradients, minimal shadows, less curves, and some truly amazing pastel color combos.

For web designers like myself, I have my usual palette of icons to work with. And depending on the client, more often than not, basic is good enough. However, ‘basic’ also means there’s not a lot to choose from. And I like choices.

Here is where FlatIcons come in. It’s an online icon maker that allows anyone to customize their own flat icons. It’s simple and basic. But aside from it being royalty FREE, I’m more interested in its choices of over 2,500 icons in 24 different categories! 2014-9-19 13 19 29


Icons to suit any project

From Food to Medical to Banks, I can choose a set of icons specifically for my client be it a restaurant, clinic, or corporate website. The interface of Flaticons is pretty straightforward which I like. Customizing icons are easy with the icons editor, and saving it to PNG literally takes seconds!

flat icons1

The options are exactly what you need to churn out customized icons, which makes working easier and faster. Check it out over at

flat icons2