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Best Collection of Online Form Designs by JotForm

Building forms takes a lot of work. First, you need to set up the form fields with HTML. Then you must design it with CSS. Finally you have to configure your server and web application to accept the submissions and process them.

This typically entails using a language like PHP or Python, and if stored in a database, then SQL. To build a form, you must work with all aspects of web development.

Online form building tools have been around awhile, and are excellent at managing this process. You can build forms using drag and drop interfaces, and set up submissions to be sent by email, or to third party resources such SalesForce or Google Spreadsheets. No technical expertise is required.

The design of forms has always been a sore point, however. Online form builders have typically provided minimal design capabilities. A few basic options can be customized, but if you want anything more you must write custom CSS.?JotForm, long time established online form builder, was no different. Its world class form builder was accompanied with limited design options.

Up until now.

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JotForm Online Form Designer

In mid October it launched an unprecedented design tool- the?Form Designer. This point and click masterpiece makes CSS appear right before your eyes. Colors, fonts, layouts, and all elements of the form can be quickly built. No CSS expertise is required.

For those who are familiar with CSS, it can be taken further. The CSS Helper does almost all the work for you. Selecting an element of the form both sets up the CSS selector, and displays a list of properties that can be adjusted. The only thing that?s left is to enter a valid value. Only a seasoned expert can truly appreciate how much time this saves you. And for the true die-hards, they can update the CSS manually on their own.

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Form Designer CSS Helper

Since the launch of the Form Designer, JotForm needed a place to put all the beautiful online form designs that were being created. Thus, the?Form Theme Store?was born. It?s a collection of user created form designs that are available to everyone. Most are free, and some can be bought for a small fee.

online forms

JotForm Theme Store

This one-two punch of the Form Designer, coupled with its Theme Store, overnight made JotForm the uncontested leader in designing forms. Point and click to create one?s own design, or select a pre-built theme and customize as needed.

Web designers are busy. Using an online form builder takes the pain out of adding forms to a website. JotForm?s Form Builder along with it?s newly released Theme Store have in one fell swoop made it the tool of choice for web designers. What would have taken hours or days, can come together in minutes. Just select the embed code, include it in the web page, and you?re done.
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