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Benefits of ERP for Design Companies

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has its roots in the traditional manufacturing sector. Gartner Group first coined the term in 1990 to provide a more general term for the specific manufacturing processes of manufacturing resource planning and computer-integrated manufacturing.

Today ERP extends far beyond linear production lines and incorporates processes from every part of a business. Many ERP systems have been developed to help manage and optimize accountancy, human resources and maintenance.

Until relatively recently, only large companies could afford to implement ERP because of the huge costs involved. Businesses would have to invest in specialist hardware to run the ERP programs and also interconnect every part of the business. A dedicated IT team would also be required to ensure that systems were operating correctly at all times; any downtime could result in false management reports being created.

Cloud based ERP

The most important change in ERP in recent years, especially for smaller businesses, is the move to the Internet. This has made ERP available to smaller companies that cannot afford the traditional, in-house systems.

Cloud Based ERP

Cloud based ERP solutions eliminate the need for companies to upgrade computer hardware or hire full time IT technicians. The ERP provider runs the software on their own computers and these are accessed over the Internet.

Web development

Because of the improved accessibility and availability, smaller enterprises are starting to use online ERP. Many web developers are now using ERP to help project manage assignments.

ERP is designed to help monitor and optimize processes and this can help to increase productivity in very competitive areas. ERP helps to ensure that the multiple strands involved in web development are working as a single unit.

ERP services include a range of tools that make complex web design projects, such as bug reporting and tracking and managing timescales easier.

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One of the biggest advantages of project management ERP is that it can increase project visibility and improve control while improving collaboration between different departments. ERP can be used to help project managers to manage the development cycle of a project more effectively.

Online ERP is accessible through a standard web browser, allowing managers to access reports from any location. Many ERP providers also supply mobile apps to further increase accessibility.

This advancement has allowed smaller businesses to compete more effectively with larger rivals in an ever increasingly competitive market. ERP systems are a professional way to do business, and informing potential customers of the advanced systems that you have in place can often improve your credibility and strengthen your brand.

New ERP tools go beyond web development and design. The latest tools include web content management tools to help businesses manage their online presence and more advanced reporting tools so that businesses can better understand how their website is operating.

ERP continues to develop at a staggering rate and there appears to be no end to the number of ways it can be used. A good ERP provider is able to offer advice on the best way to set up an ERP system to help you to meet your business goals and objectives.

In the highly competitive web design market, a solid ERP solution can help streamline processes to increase project turnaround times and win more business.